EE4521 Energy Management:

Importance of energy management. Energy auditing: methodology, analysis of past trends plant data, closing the energy balance, laws of thermodynamics, measurements, portable and on line instruments. Energy economics - discount rate, payback period, internal rate of return, life cycle costing. Steam Systems: Boiler -efficiency testing, excess air control, Steam distribution & use- steam traps , condensate recovery , flash steam utilisation. Thermal Insulation. Electrical Systems : Demand control, power factor correction, load scheduling/shifting, Motor drives- motor efficiency testing, energy efficient motors, motor speed control. Lighting- lighting levels, efficient options, fixtures, daylighting, timers, Energy efficient windows. Energy conservation in Pumps, Fans (flow control), Compressed Air Systems, Refrigeration & air conditioning systems. Waste heat recovery: recuperators, heat wheels, heat pipes, heat pumps. Cogeneration - concept, options (steam/gas turbines/diesel engine based), selection criteria, control strategy. Heat exchanger networking- concept of pinch, target setting, problem table approach, composite curves. Demand side management. Financing energy conservation.