EE4511 Machine Analysis:

Principles of electromagnetic energy conversion: General expression of stored magnetic energy, co-energy and force/torque, example using single and doubly excited system; Calculation of air gap mmf and per phase machine inductance using physical machine data; Voltage and torque equation of dc machine, three phase symmetrical induction machine and salient pole synchronous machines in phase variable form; Introduction to reference frame theory: static and rotating reference frames, transformation relationships, examples using static symmetrical three phase R, R-L, R-L-M and R-L-C circuits, application of reference frame theory to three phase symmetrical induction and synchronous machines, dynamic direct and quadrature axis model in arbitrarily rotating reference frames, voltage and torque equations, derivation of steady state phasor relationship from dynamic model, generalized theory of rotating electrical machine and Krons primitive machine; Determination of synchronous machine dynamic equivalent circuit parameters: standard and derived machine time constants, frequency response test; Analysis and dynamic modeling of two phase asymmetrical induction machine and single phase induction machine; Permanent magnet synchronous machine: Surface permanent magnet (square and sinusoidal back emf type) and interior permanent magnet machines , construction, operating principle and true synchronous characteristics, dynamic modeling and self controlled operation; Analysis of Switch Reluctance Motors: design trade-off and basic operating characteristics.