EE4422 Energy Systems Modelling and Analysis:

Energy Chain, Primary energy analysis. Modelling overview- levels of analysis, steps in model development, examples of models. Quantitative Techniques : Interpolation-polynomial, lagrangian. curvefitting , regression analysis, solution of transcendental equations. Systems Simulation- information flow diagram, solution of set of nonlinear algebraic equations, successive substitution, Newton Raphson. Examples of energy systems simulation Optimisation: Objectives/constraints, problem formulation. Unconstrained problems- Necessary & Sufficiency conditions. Constrained Optimisation- lagrange multipliers, constrained variations, Kuhn-Tucker conditions. Linear Programming - Simplex tableau, pivoting, sensitivity analysis. Dynamic Programming . Search Techniques-Univariate/Multivariate. Case studies of optimisation in Energy systems problems. Dealing with uncertainty- probabilistic techniques. Trade-offs between capital & energy using Pinch Analysis. Energy- Economy Models: Scenario Generation, Input Output Model. Numerical solution of Differential equations- Overview, Convergence, Accuracy. Transient analysis- application example.