Detailed syllabus:
Bernoulli's equation, Darcy's law, hydraulic conductivity, lab tests for permeability.
Stress analysis:
In-Situ Stresses, Effective stresses, Seepage force, Capillary rise, piping, quicksand condition.
Seepage through soils:
Seepage, Flow nets, Seepage calculations for geotechnical structures.
Docks & Harbour Engineering:
Layout of Port components - Functions - Classification of Ports - Site selection - Natural Phenomenon - Tides, Winds, Waves, Currents - Drift - Navigational aids.
Compressibility and consolidation of soil:
Settlement of Soil, Immediate settlement, Over consolidation, Pre-consolidation pressure, Cc and Cs, Terzaghi's theory of consolidation, coefficient of consolidation, Settlement calculations.
Shear Strength of Soils:
Stresses on soil elements, Mohr's Circle, Principal Stresses, Pole, Stress Path, Direct shear test, Mohr-Coulomb Failure criterion, Triaxial tests- drained and undrained tests, Vane shear test, stress-strain relationships and strength of loose and dense sands, NC and OC clays, dilation, pore pressures, Skempton's coefficients, Liquefaction phenomenon, Shear Strength of unsaturated soil, Liquefaction.
Stability of slopes:
Methods, limit equilibrium method, method of slices and simplified Bishop method, factors of safety.
Reference Books:
1. Principals of Geotechnical Engineering, By: Braja M. Das., Fifth edition, First reprint 2002, low price edition, Thomson learning Inc.
2. Geotechnical Engineering Principles & Practices, By: Donald P Coduto 2002 print, Pearson Education Limited.
3. Basic & Applied Soil Mechanics, By: Gopal Ranjan / Rao A.S.R. 2003 print, New Age International Pvt Ltd.